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Frequently asked questions about OneJitsu.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the main features for the BJJ practitioners ?

OneJitsu is free for all BJJ practitioners.

  • Access to a map of over 2000 gyms listed around the world, with a list constantly growing
  • Create your very own OneJitsu profile
  • Socialize with other practitioners by adding them as friends
  • Instant messaging service
  • Join you school page and get the latest news sent by your professor
  • Join events held by gyms or sponsors
  • Get notifications about your gym, or about events
  • Get notifications when a BJJ gym, event, or practitioner is nearby
  • Explore and discover the BJJ related places around you

+ What are the main features for the School owners ?

School owners have to subscribe to a premium account in-app to manage their school page and enjoy the related features.

  • Join a worldwide app listing more than 2000 schools, with a list constantly growing
  • Be visible by all the OneJitsu community, you can promote yourself on the same level as the biggest JiuJitsu gym in town
  • Give your exact location, phone number, and links to your website or social networks if needed
  • Update your day by day schedule
  • Upload pictures
  • Create and promote events (competitions, open-mats, belt ceremonies, opening party...)
  • Get a list of all the people who join your school
  • Approve every member before they get to join your school
  • Send messages through you school page to all your members, they will get an instant notification

+ How much does this app cost ?

  • OneJitsu is free for all BJJ practitioners.
  • School owners have to subscribe to a premium account in-app to manage their school page and enjoy the related features.
  • Sending notifications to the school members is included in the premium account subscription. Sending notifications to a broader range of users requires a one time payment.

+ When will the app be released ?

  • Android version of the app will be released on the 13th of April
  • iOS version is under development and will be released by September

+ How can you validate if the person who manages a page is the true owner of the school ?

A subscription fee is mandatory to manage a gym page. We will also do random tests to check the identity of the administrator. We expect the community of users will give us a quick feedback if something is going wrong as well. Any user who gives false information or tries to use the app for the wrong purpose will be banned.

+ Why are you releasing this app ?

The philosophy behind OneJitsu is about Community, as Genki Sudo used to say, "We are all One". No more social barriers or differences between us, we are all united thanks to our love for Jiu-Jitsu. Thanks to modern technology, we want to change the way people live the BJJ lifestyle in their everyday life, or when they travel. We want to make it easier for the small gyms to promote their local tournament or to communicate with their team members, and with the people passing by. We believe Jiu-Jitsu can change people's lives and we want to be a part of this change.

+ What are the terms and conditions for this service ?

Please read our Terms and conditions, they are currently being translated from French to English but the file will be updated shortly.

+ How can I get out of Side Control ?

Just don't get caught in Side Control. Really ? Same advice works for the Triangle choke by the way.

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